Gili Trawangan

We have been twice to Gili trawangan: One first time in 2012 and then in 2013.

Gili trawangan is mainly known for its parties.There is a main street which goes alon the beach with plenty of restaurants and bars. Just near you can also find Gili Meno and Gili air which are two other islands but more quiet than Trawangan.

To reach Trawangan from Bali you need to take the speedboat from Padangbai. It costs 600 000 IDR for a round trip.

From Lombok you just have to go to Bangsal (from sengiggi it costs you around 90 000 IDR) wich is the public harbour. Then go to the ticket office, buy a ticket (If I remember well it’s 25 000 IDR per person or even less) and go on the boat. when ther will be enough people on the boat you’ll leave. You need around 45 min to reach the island depending on the power of your boat.

On our trip of 2013 we have been surprised on how many new hotels, guest houses and restaurants have been opened for one year. So you don’t need to book in advance you’ll surely find something that match your expectations.

When you arrive on the beach by boat you can either go on the right or on the left. If you are looking for something very comfortable I suggest you go on the right and walk a bit until you find the accomodation you need. Be carefull to the mosquee…Don’t book a bungalow near it as you’ll be waken up each day at 4am…up to you…

If you go on the left just walk until the little square (market square) and then turn right and go in the village. There there are a lot of accomodations without the sea view but very comfortable and clean. Just try one and if you don’t like it, try the next one. It is cheap (around 150 000 to 200 000 per night) and It has the advantage to be very close to the market. every evening there is a food market on the little square i mentionned earlier and you can eat there some indonesian food, fresh sea food for very good prices. Very convenient also if you want to meet some people.


This was the first Bungalow we rent for 500 000 IDR per night. As you can see very close to the beach but also very clos to the Mosquee


Beautifull sunset on the north of the island with the Agung visible


Crystal clear water

P1080014 P1080057 P1080062 Photo 1146

Party time!

Photo 1175



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